Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Kitchen Transformation, part 2

Well, hello there, guess who decided to join the blog world, and do a post today?  Could be because I'm sick with a stomach bug, and I am doing absolutely nothing because of it (really, this has hit me hard, and I'm just trying to keep the world from spinning).

I've been meaning to do this project for about 2 years now, I was just not sure if I could do this myself, as I knew it was a big project to take on.  We decided to finally get a new backsplash installed (it's happening as we speak) and that was the motivation I needed to get started on the kitchen cabinets.

I decided to this while my kids were on spring break, poor things were bored out of their minds, but hey, I figured it gave them lot's of time to relax ;)  

I was trying to take my time, and do things correctly, but by the last section, I was just so ready to finish it already, so it's far from perfect.  I did learn a few things as I went, and if I ever decide to tackle something like this (not too likely though), I now know what to do.

So, let's start by showing you the before:

two toned ugliness

We got our new countertops about a year and half ago:

Don't know if I mentioned it back then, but when the new countertop was installed, it left a pretty big gap between it and the old backsplash.  I put some caulk in there, but it just look messy, and I felt we were doing the countertops no justice by leaving that gap like that.  I was finally able to convince the hubby to get a new backsplash, and I'm so excited that it is finally getting done.

In the meantime, I was able to complete the cabinets in about 6 days.  Like I said, I was trying to take my time.  The color I used was White Dove, by Benjamin Moore.  I used their advance line in semigloss.  I was able to use two coats, and it the coverage was amazing, but I do think it did help that I used this primer beforehand:

I was very hesitant to spend the money for this primer, but I figured it would still be cheaper than to hire  someone to come and fix the mess I would have done, if things went wrong.

And here is how the kitchen currently looks:

Amazing how the white cabinets make the backsplash look dirty!

We also got new hardware, and I'm really loving the look.  

I can't believe how light and airy the kitchen already feels.  Amazing what a gallon of paint can do to transform a room.  I still have a few more changes to make in here, but I'm SO glad this part is over.

So, what do you think?  I'm personally loving the whole white kitchen trend, just can't believe it took me this long to join everyone else.

Hope you have a great week!



  1. I absolutely LOVE white kitchens and yours looks great! I'm SO sorry to hear you aren't feeling well...stomach bugs are the worst. Feel better soon, love! :)

  2. Kristel, I'm sending you get well wishes all the way from Cali. I hope you are back to normal in no time - stomach bugs are no fun. As for your kitchen update, I absolutely love what you did with the cabinets. Painting them white really does open up the kitchen. I happen to love white cabinets and applaud you for taking on this very challenging task. Hard work pays off. :)

  3. Kristel! It's a totally different kitchen! Your hard work definitely paid off and everything is looking fantastic! Hope you're feeling better. :(

  4. much brighter and cheery! love it...hope you start feeling better too...darn bug!